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900 TG
0.94 USD
1.800 TG
1.89 USD
4.500 TG
4.72 USD
10.000 TG + 400 TG Bonus
10.37 USD
20.000 TG + 1.000 TG Bonus
20.75 USD

South Korean game developed by the company, Zepetto and published in sniper-style 2008 has a oyundur.türki de Nfinity Games aracılığıyll to yayınlanır.point Blank games CT-Force and the Free kurgulanmış.tecrüb system on the existing battle between the Rebels. Point Blankta rank system is available. It starts with the rank of ur military student ılıy and goes up to the rank of üt Chief of General Staff may, which is the highest rank. As you play, you earn experience points and game points. When you want to buy some belongings and weapons you can buy with real money. Play money is also used. There are eleven different modes and maps in the Point Blank game. The countries where you are also a Blank server are also blocked from logging in to other servers. Characters: CT Force Police team are defending the country against Free Rebels rebels. There are 2 male and 3 female characters in the team. Male characters: Emergency Pool, Leopard. Women characters: Keen Eyes, Hyde, Chou Free Rebels: Terrorist organization. They rebelled against the government. The team has 2 male and 3 female characters. Male characters: Red Bulls, D-Fox. Female characters: If you want to play Tarantula, Viper Red, Rica Point Blank, you can reach to Point Blanka from the link below. To have everything you need in Point Blank, you can have Point Blank TG with unique advantages from TURGAME. Point Blank is a FPS game. In the game there is the Free Rebels group composed of minorities seeking their rights and the CT-Force organization created to respond to this group. In order to be able to fight with the other group, items in the Point Blank market are needed. Point Blank TAM Gold (TG) is used in Point Blank markets. Here you can find all prices for Point Blank TG, including confidence in Point Blank TG. Instant delivery and reliable Point Blank TG, 12 installments on your credit card.

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