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Facebook Gift Card 10 TRY (TR)
1.89 USD
Facebook Gift Card 20 TRY (TR)
3.77 USD
Facebook Gift Card 30 TRY (TR)
5.66 USD
Facebook Gift Card 50 TRY (TR)
9.43 USD
Facebook Gift Card 5 USD (US)
5.46 USD
Facebook Gift Card 10 USD (US)
10.54 USD
Facebook Gift Card 25 USD (US)
26.46 USD
Facebook Gift Card 50 USD (US)
52.73 USD

Facebook Playing Cards is an easy and fast way to get products on your favorite games and apps on Facebook. You can go faster in thousands of games or apps on Facebook that support Facebook Playing Cards or play more games with your friends. You can buy favorite games and apps on Facebook with the Facebook Game card pin code. You can move much faster in games or apps that support Facebook Playing Cards or play more games than competing players. To use your Facebook Game Card: • Go to the Usage page and click Use Code • Enter the PIN code on the back of your card and click Use • Select the currency you want to use for your card and click Continue The card’s total value is added to your account then you can use it to buy game products. Please note that once you use the card, you will not be able to use it again. If you’re still having trouble using your Facebook Game Card, let us know. Note: Facebook Game Cards are only available for Facebook games and cannot be used for ads. A $ 10 Facebook Game Card, $ 20 Facebook Game Card, $ 30 Facebook Game Card, $ 50 Facebook Game Card are available. You can use TURGAME to purchase a Facebook Game Card. Facebook Game Card How To Get The answer to the question, Turkey’s oldest, most established gaming and entertainment site in Turgame safe!

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